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How It Works

Vintage Vacays works like a whimsical time-travel experience, offering fully refurbished vintage caravans for hire. Guests can choose their preferred caravan and location, and we will deliver and set up the caravan at their chosen destination. Each caravan is equipped with modern comforts and lovingly styled to create a nostalgic ambiance. Whether it's a romantic weekend retreat, a family adventure, a wedding, or a solo escape, Vintage Vacays promises a unique and unforgettable journey into the enchanting world of the past. 🚐💫🌸

Delivery Area

At VV's, we proudly serve the region stretching from Redcliffe to the Sunshine Coast, offering our delightful vintage caravans for hire.

Whether you're seeking a charming retreat by the sea or a whimsical escape amidst the lush hinterlands, we'll bring the magic to your preferred destination.

Book now to embark on a nostalgic journey, creating cherished memories along the scenic coastline and beyond. 🚐💕🏖️🌞​

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