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Travel Back in Time with Rita: The Uniquely Re-Built 1988 Millard Van with all of the fun of the 80's. Step back into 1988 with our magnificent Rita, the epitome of retro elegance. This uniquely re-built Millard is a treasure trove of nostalgia that will make you feel like you've stepped into a carefully curated time capsule taking the very best from the 80's era.

Every inch of Rita has been meticulously re-built from the chassis up. Prepare to be dazzled by her mesmerizing 80's style peach exterior, adorned with a matching gold stripe, and be charmed by her fun themed interior.

As you enter, Rita welcomes you with open arms and beckons you to indulge in her spaciousness. Rest easy in the full-sized queen bed nestled at the back, while your companions can find solace in the full-sized single bunks on the side. It's a haven of comfort and relaxation, where you can unwind and create lasting memories.


With air conditioning to keep you cool on warm summer days and 12v appliances, you have the freedom to go off-grid and explore the hidden gems of the world.

Prepare yourself for an enchanting journey with Rita. Discover the magic of the open road in the most delightful way imaginable.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience the allure of Rita. Book your adventure today and let her whisk you away on a voyage filled with nostalgia, comfort, and endless possibilities.

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